6 Benefits of Journal Writing

journal writing

Journal writing is becoming an increasingly popular activity. Some people like to journal on a specific topic like dreaming or travel. In contrast, others just let the words flow with general journaling. Journal writing is excellent for maintaining mental wellbeing and has a range of benefits, including the following.


1. Makes sense of your thoughts

Our minds can be full of racing thoughts, and it can be challenging to make sense of these. Journal writing helps us to organize ideas and sift through our feelings, ensuring that we have a clearer understanding of our own minds. The simple act of putting thoughts into words forces us to create some sort of structure around the otherwise chaotic world that can be our mind.


2. Keeps yourself accountable

You have big aspirations, and a journal can be a great way to plan and keep goals. It makes it clear exactly what you hope to achieve, how you are going to do it, and when you hope to have it accomplished. Putting these details in writing will help you keep yourself accountable, rather than continuously pushing things aside with the intention of getting to it one day.


3. Manages stress

Writing can help to organize our thoughts, which can, in turn, minimize stress. With a little bit of self-reflection and some planning, we will have a better idea of the things causing us anxiety and how to manage these. Sometimes the actual act of organization is all we need to manage our stress, as we have a clear action plan to meet all of our commitments. Also, if we are stressed over a particular decision, journal writing can create clarity that helps us identify the best choice.


4. Improves your writing skills

Writing is a great way to improve your writing skills. This is especially beneficial if you need these skills for work or study. You will be able to try different styles and tones without judgment or consequences.


5. Stores memories

Writing things down is an excellent way to record memories, and it also helps us to store things better mentally. Writing about your thoughts on a situation can provide a beautiful record to return to years later.


6. Improves your creativity

Writing can help spark creativity and get that part of the brain working. If we can stimulate our creative part of the brain, it makes other creative tasks easier.

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